A three-year initiative bringing nonprofit, business, and energy partners together to improve sustainability along the Midtown Greenway – Lake Street corridor. The focus area included the 17 Minneapolis neighborhoods along this corridor, and offered programs and resources for small business, large business, multi-family residential, and single family residential. 


  • Increase energy efficiency and use of renewable energy
  • Increase recycling and decreased landfill rates
  • Increase use of transportation alternatives
  • Increase water conservation

Initiative Focus Area


  • Increase Existing Program Use: Existing programs are focused on energy efficiency, renewables, recycling, water, transit/walking/ biking and more. This Initiative focused on connecting residents and businesses to existing programs through greater outreach including tabling at events, workshops and more.  
  • Expand Individualized Outreach: Several organizations, including Cooperative Energy Futures, Lake Street Council and Latino Economic Development Center are seeking to expand their ability to do individualized outreach. On the residential side, this includes a multi-faceted approach, with weatherization work parties, home energy assessments, group contracting and bulk buying and community solar options. For businesses, this includes a stronger focus on door to door outreach and follow up on assessments and contracting.  
  • Track Metrics: Initiative Partners and the University of Minnesota Center for Sustainable Building Research are developing metrics to measure this corridor's contribution toward the City’s Climate Action Plan. 

Initiative Background

This Initiative was coordinated by the Midtown Community Works Partnership, a public-private partnership formed to guide the redevelopment of the Midtown Greenway-Lake Street corridor in south Minneapolis. Partnership Members include: Hennepin County, City of Minneapolis, Metropolitan Council, Allina Hospitals & Clinics, Midtown Greenway Coalition, Wells Fargo Bank, and Lake Street Council.