Energy Programs

Small Business

One-Stop Efficiency Shop | Center for Energy & Environment

The One-Stop Efficiency Shop, sponsored by Xcel Energy, is a full-service rebate program designed to address the concerns small business owners face when choosing more efficient lighting: limited financial resources and time, limited knowledge of lighting products and access to quality contractors.  It is administered by the Center for Energy and Environment (Contact CEE at 612-244-2427 or  

CenterPoint Programs

  • Audits: CenterPoint offers a basic audit with a high-level report for small-volume accounts ($50 co-pay) or a comprehensive audit for mid-volume accounts ($200 co-pay) which provides a comprehensive review with detailed technical report and calculations.
  • Heating – Boilers, Boiler Components, Unit Heaters & Forced-air Furnaces: Boilers are a central piece of efficiency programs and have the largest impact on natural gas use for many businesses.  Rebates are available for boiler tune-ups (every 5 years), entire boiler system replacement, burner replacement and heating system steam traps.  Rebates are also available for new forced-air furnaces, unit heaters, infrared heaters and carbon monoxide sensors. 
  • Water Heaters: Rebates are available when you purchase a new water heater.
  • Foodservice Equipment: Rebates are available for high-efficiency natural gas foodservice equipment such as broilers, ovens, dishwashers, fryers and more. 
  • To get started, call a CenterPoint account manager at 612-321-4330.

Xcel Programs

  • Cooling Equipment: Rebates are available for cooling equipment such as DX units, chillers and other select equipment, which often equals about 60% of the cost for high efficiency equipment over standard equipment. 
  • Foodservice equipment: Rebates are available for new energy-efficient electric foodservice equipment including ventilation fans, dishwashers and hot food holding cabinets.
  • Custom Programs: Custom rebates are available if you upgrade equipment and process improvements not covered under other programs.  Examples include convenience or grocery store refrigeration equipment, elevators, printers, white roofing, and other industrial equipment. 
  • Saver's Switch for Business: Some businesses may want to take advantage of the free Saver’s Switch program, in which Xcel uses a remote controlled switch to adjust your air conditioner on the hottest days of the year, cycling it off and on for brief 15- to 20-minute intervals.  Most customers never notice a difference although it is not recommended for restaurants or any facility that has heat-generating equipment. 
  • Solar: Program details for Solar*Rewards and Solar Gardens have yet to be announced.
  • Turn Key Services: Xcel offers free project implementation services such as project identification, conservation opportunity prioritization, bidding process and selection, coordinating implementation and installation verification, and applying for rebates.  Additional assessments and engineering study are offered at extra cost.
  • To get started, call the Xcel Business Solutions Center at 1-800-481-4700 or email